Who Can Kill A Child?

I first saw this 1976 Spanish flick a few years ago based on an ad I found in an old issue of Fangoria.  Based on the title and the premise alone I figured it had to be better than any of the Children of the Corn flicks, that I’m guessing I’m the minority in thinking they suck.  In this film, Tom and his preggo wife, Evelyn, are taking a holiday on an island that’s inhabited by a bunch of evil, parent-less children that want to kill…kill…kill.  The tables are turned as the expectant parents suddenly have to fight for their lives as well as their unborn child’s from an island of murderous children.


Everything!  This is one of those flicks you watch without wanting to get up to use the bathroom or pour an extra shot of jagermeister.  It grabs you from the beginning, to the middle, and then the end.  This film parallels my favorite film, A Clockwork Orange, in that it presents a study of the government’s megolmaniac effects on its population.  In this case, the population being an island of children who have not only killed off every adult on the island, but can transform other children in killers. Without giving much away, the ending will have the audience answering the film’s very title.  The pacing was tight without going to fast to get to the “shock” moments and the acting was credible.  Lewis Fiander gives an incredible performance as a man who faces the very basics of manhood as someone protecting his family.  Prunella Ransome, also, gives a pitch-perfect performance as a woman who’s faced with the reality of murderous children while carrying a baby of her own.


Nothing!  The fact that this film is not for streaming instantly on Netflix, yet Children of the Corn 7 is, pisses me off.  I decided to review this movie after finding out a remake with the beautiful Vinessa Shaw (Eyes Wide Shut, Hills Have Eyes) was in the works for a 2013 release.  Having said that, a modern, budgeted remake of this film could do the story justice in the right hands.


The title alone can be controversial, but I’d take heed to anyone’s opinion when they judge a film soley based on it’s title.  The story was compelling, the pace was tight and the acting was on the money.  I hope this original film becomes celebrated before the remake is released only so the original intent of the story can be told without political or budget intervention takes place like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th or Black Christmas.  This is a rarely celebrated gem that needs to be brought out of its box.

**** out of 4


Adult kettle-corn with my signature drink, The Relaxer…

Adult kettle-corn: Freshly popped pop-corn with a mix of extra virgin olive-oil, equal parts kosher salt, sugar.  sprinkle a small mix of brown sugar, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and nutmeg on top.  Mix well

The Relaxer: 3/4 vodka, 1/4 crystal light lemonade, splash of grenedine.

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