Uh-Uh! I gotta get my ass out of Chicago!

Image result for the mothman chicago

Forewarning: The following claims may or may not be hoaxes, but as of now these are legit open investigations…

Several Chicagoland witnesses have claimed to have seen a large, humanoid-winged creature in various parts of the city- mostly concentrated in the Lakeview area.  It’s described as a large (over 6ft tall) bat-like creature with glowing red eyes, although some reports the eyes as being black.  This sounds an awful like the Mothman.  Who knows?  Maybe it’s the same thing.  Maybe the Mothman has a cousin who likes paying high taxes and eating deep dish pizza.  The paranormal investigative website, Singular Fortean Society, has a list of the various encounters from this year  at http://www.singularfortean.com/news/2017/8/2/february-sighting-could-be-first-in-2017-of-chicago-flying-humanoidhas.

Again, this could be a giant hoax like Big Foot, The Loch Ness Monster, or the latest season of The Walking Dead, but who knows?  This does, however, make me want to re-watch The Mothman Prophesies.  Maaayybbeee this is a cool marketing tactic for a sequel? I doubt it but I can hope.



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