How Cute! I hear a HEARTBEAT!

Image result for in a heartbeat short film


Have you ever left a bar and felt dirty? The smoke residue, the stale beer, the drunken conversations arguments about which Real Housewives series is the best (NY and ATL). When you leave the bar you want to just go home and take a hot shower to wash the crud off you.  That’s exactly how I felt after watching the trailer for the upcoming Death Wish trailer multiple times. It’s like a car wreck that I had become mildly obsessed with and now I feel dirty.  My symbolic shower is the short animated film, HEARTBEAT, created by Beth David and Esteban Bravo.  They’re two animation students at the Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida.  This is a sweet 4-minute film about first love.  It’s not cynical, not pretentious and doesn’t make you want to piss in anyone’s Cheerios.  It’s time to get cleansed.

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