Official Trailer for AHS: Cult revealed!

Image result for american horror story cult

On the heels of yesterday’s release of the upcoming season’s opening credits, FX has now released the official trailer for AMERICAN HORROR STORY: CULT.  As previously announced, last year’s tragic presidential election will serve as the spring-board for the events of the season.  From what I can tell the show doesn’t seem to take a specific political stance, but instead seems to explore the uncertain fear for some and the frightening empowerment others have felt since November 9th.  The season looks promising, but if history is any indicator I’ll probably check out by episode 5.  A note to the production team: please keep the episodes only 60 minutes in length.  No more of this 75-minute episode shit.  Again, AMERICAN HORROR STORY: CULT premiers on FX Tuesday, September 5th.

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