Did y’all know that Hatchet 4 is a thing?



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Writer-Director Adam Green pulled a Beyoncé on us by having a screening of his never-before-mentioned, never-before-teased, VICTOR CROWLEY- which is the fourth entry in his successful HATCHET series.   I really loved the first one and enjoyed the second and third entries as well.  Considering fans were claiming Victor Crowley is the modern-day horror icon following in the footsteps of Freddy and Jason, I thought it was weird for a successful franchise to stop as a trilogy.  But alas Green had something up his sleeve for a while.  The unveiling was last night (8/22) during, what was supposed to be the 10-year anniversary screening of the first HATCHET, when he surprised audiences with the new film.  I’ve only skimmed some reviews but didn’t want to read for fear of spoilers, but so far the film has received rave reviews.  Hopefully the overall reception to this surprise sequel is a lot warmer than last years The Woods Blair Witch sequel. That was rough.

Instead of a traditional theatrical release, Adam Green and Co. will hit the road to host screenings of the new film.  Hopefully they’ll come to the Chicago area so I can check them.  For now, take a look at the trailer (which is all sorts of awesome) and the list of scheduled tour dates according to Green’s website, ariescope.com.

August 24th – 28th: London, UK – FRIGHTFEST * Includes MOVIE CRYPT LIVE

October 2nd: TBA

October 12th: TBA

October 13th – 15th: Worcester, MA – ROCK & SHOCK * Performing with HADDONFIELD

October 27th – 29th: Nashville, TN – FULL MOON

October 31st: TBA

November 1st – 5th: TBA

November 20th: TBA

For updated info about the tour, check out Adam Green’s  Twitter at @Adam_Fn_Green


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