Quick Bites: You’re Killing Me

Image result for you're killingme

  1. This movie was a lot better than I expected going in.  Amazon Video has a much better selection of LGBT films than Netflix and Hulu.
  2. Why is that gay-themed films have little to no diversity?  It’s like the movies will have an all white or an all black cast.  Aren’t we beyond this?
  3. Oh shit!  It’s Bryan Safi from THROWING SHADE! Loving this more.
  4. The movie is about a self-involved aspiring actor dating a guy who happens to be a serial killer.  Interesting. It’s still better than ANNABELLE: CREATION.
  5. The movie is more graphic than I thought it would be, which I love.
  6. Finally, I have another gay-horror movie to recommend to friends other than NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2. Although this falls more in line as a horror-comedy.
  7. For a budget-challenged movie the acting is pretty good.  The humor is mostly spot on.
  8. I have to stop writing on this blog when I’m 4 martini’s in.  Thank God for spell check.  Or is that spell-check?
  9. All in all I enjoyed this movie.  After having a double-feature showing of MOONLIGHT and 4th MAN OUT, I needed some humor and not a “coming out story” or “how to be gay” story to cap the night. I highly recommend this movie.
  10. I’m about to make my 5th martini.  That is all.

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