Laurie Strode has another kid to ignore!


Halloween     First there was Jaimie Lloyd. Then John Strode.  We now learn that Laurie Strode has yet another daughter.  As more HALLOWEEN 2018 news is coming out we have now learned that the new film will not only feature Jamie Lee Curtis back in her iconic role, but she will also be joined by her daughter to battle Mikey.  Not much has been confirmed (as of now) but the biggest rumor is that her daughter, allegedly named Karen, will be played by Judy Greer.  Greer has an impressive resume which includes the remake of CARRIE and last year’s JURRASSIC WORLD, however none of the films hold a candle to her star-making turn as Violet in JAWBREAKER.

The HALLOWEEN series has to be the only franchise in which multiple timelines exist according to the sequel.  Since the new film ignores the sequels after part 2 this would be the third kid Laurie has and we’re forced to ignore her other 2 children since they wouldn’t exist in this timeline. (?) This is making me wonder if bring Laurie back in the first place is a good idea but we’ll see.  I don’t know why I’m bitching.  I’m still going to be first in line on opening day.

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  1. I’m not so sure about this film. But I do love Judy Greer in Archer. She has a knack for comedy.

    I don’t understand why they keep adding to the Halloween titles. The movies just don’t capture the essence of the first two films and maybe the 4th one.

    Personally I would love it if they did what Carpenter intended and turn Halloween into a yearly event wth a new story centered around Halloween. That’s what Halloween 3 was about. It’s such an unappreciative film. But it’s got some great moments.

    But I degrees. I will see the new film regardless because I’m a sucker.

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    • I’m with you. If they must continue to have the ‘Halloween’ title then they should do something completely different. I think the Laurie angle is played and was ruined with H20 and Part 8, but I’ll still be in line first thing next October. Thanks for commenting.


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