Trailer Park: Leatherface-Texas Chainsaw Massacre III

Image result for leatherface texas chainsaw massacre 3

For our Trailer Park series, we’re going to highlight effective genre movie trailers.  While these clips are highlighted, this doesn’t necessarily speak to the quality of the film itself, only the effectiveness of the preview.  Some films have excellent trailers but the film is terrible like The Nightmare on Elm Street remake, while for others, the opposite can be true like the original Friday the 13th.

I’m watching the new LEATHERFACE tonight, which is the new prequel to the original film.  Yes, we’ve already had a prequel to the TCM and we’ve already had an installment in the franchise titled, LEATHERFACE, but hey- when money talks bullshit walks.  Today’s guest in the Trailer Park is the original LEATHERFACE: TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 3. This was when New Line Cinema bought the rights to the franchise and tried to “Freddi-fy” Leatherface.  The film is… well it exists.  It’s not the worst in the franchise but it’s certainly not memorable.

Image result for leatherface texas chainsaw massacre 3 viggo mortensenThe only bright spot is a young, sexy Viggo Mortenson as one of the sadistic family members.  This trailer is just a bright spot of nostalgia for me as I remember when it first came out in 1989.  It was a big announcement for New Line to take over the reigns and the potential to take the series in a new direction.  Sadly, that never occurred and we were treated to Renee Zellweger learning on the job with the next sequel.


  1. “The film is… well it exists. ” – That’s funny. Yea, I didn’t like this one. It’s also the first one to be directed by someone other than Tobe Hooper.


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