Quick Bite: Alpha Delta Zatan


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  1. I love to support indie films, especially when they’re gay, horror and inclusive.
  2. I love drinking martinis.
  3. Should I have a buzz going into this movie or should it happen naturally while watching?
  4. Wait- is this a comedy-horror?
  5. I want my house to have the same lighting as this house.
  6. The acting is… well I’m sure everyone got their SAG card after this, and that’s what counts.
  7. The guys are all very hot.
  8. Why do they keep showing that front door?
  9. The movie makes no sense but who cares? I’m on my fifth martini.
  10. Has any actor in this movie had a carb in the last 10 months?
  11. Wait- who’s who?  I can’t tell most of the guys apart.
  12. Why is the killer dressed like a twink at a Mardi Gras-themed Black Party?
  13. Lots of nudity (good) but some actors clearly had a no-nudity clause because…standards?
  14. Image result for alpha delta zatan
  15. I’m confused. Who’s the killer?  Why are they killing?
  16. Is it possible that I downed 6 martinis in less than 90 minutes?  Is it true? Do I have a problem that I need to deal with?
  17. I’m glad I saw this movie. It’s like a David DeCoteau film for men who have actually come out of the closet. It was a fun 80 minute escape.
  18. PS- don’t watch this movie while eating 3 steak chalupas and a nachos bell grande.  You’ll hate yourself knowing these actors probably can’t afford it because they spent all their money on a Planet Fitness membership.
  19. Again- I’d watch it. You spent more watching worse like ANNABELLE Redux that took took itself too seriously.  Why not spend a couple of bucks on this?

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