Well…You’re entering the Twilight Zone…Again

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It’s worked a couple of times before unsuccessfully so why not try it again?  CBS All Access has announced that they’re rebooting THE TWILIGHT ZONE with help from Jordan Peele’s production company, Monkeypaw with Marco Ramirez (Netflix’s Daredevil) penning the initial script and becoming the showrunner.  According to the Hollywood Reporter it’s not clear if this announcement mean the series has been ordered straight to series or just announcing the title to see what the fan reaction will be development.

A TWILIGHT ZONE reboot makes perfect sense for this current time.  Everything under the sun has gotten a reboot or has a reboot in development.  That, coupled with anthology series being a hot commodity as of late thanks to BLACK MIRROR, AMERICAN HORROR STORY and APT 104, I guess all the stars aligned.  THE TWILIGHT ZONE was first rebooted unsuccessfully in 1985 and again in 2002 on UPN (remember that channel?).  With current hits like THE GOOD WIFE and STAR TREK: DISCOVERY, CBS All Access is becoming an interesting and unique force in streaming entertainment.  Stay tuned as more news comes in.  He’s hoping to a new take on the “Pig Face” episode.



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