Haha! Tom Sizemore to exit the ‘Door’


Image result for tom sizemore

Remember when I told you Tom Sizemore was cast in the upcoming thriller, THE DOOR? Remember?  I know Tom Sizemore news usually doesn’t register on most people’s radar, but you can read about it here.  Well thanks to his alleged fondness for the prepubescent crowd, Sizemore has been shown the door on the set of THE DOOR. According to reports from “The Hollywood Reporter” after information regarding Sizemore’s sexual misconduct with an 11-year old girl on the set his 2003 film, BORN KILLERS, the troubled actor has been let go from production of THE DOOR.  “The producers take these allegations very seriously and are discussing next steps now,” said a spokesperson for Global Genesis Group, the company behind the film.  A recast is currently underway.  Interesting to note that Sizemore was removed from set of BORN KILLERS when the victim told her parents.  You can read the original article, from “The Hollywood Reporter” right here.

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