Trailer Park: Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving

Image result for eli roth thanksgiving trailer

For our Trailer Park series, we’re going to highlight effective genre movie trailers.  While these clips are highlighted, this doesn’t necessarily speak to the quality of the film itself, only the effectiveness of the preview.  Some films have excellent trailers but the film is terrible like The Nightmare on Elm Street remake, while for others, the opposite can be true like the original Friday the 13th.

When Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez made the underrated classic GRINDHOUSE in 2008 they wanted to give audiences the full grind house experience.  Not only would they treat us to 2 feature-length b-movie greats, but we also got fake film trailers in the intermission for films that would fit in the world of a grind house film.  2 of the fake trailers, MACHETE and HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, became feature length films with their own cult following.  Sadly, my favorite is still just a fake trailer with no actual filmatic spinoff in the works.  That film, THANKSGIVING, which was written and directed by Eli Roth.  This mock trailer effortlessly calls back the low-budget B-movie slasher trailers from the late 70’s.  It’s gory, it’s funny, it’s damn near perfect.  I even love the Roth’s sinister voice over.  There were plans at one point to turn this into an actual feature.  Hopefully we’ll get it one day.


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