Remember when Siskel & Ebert were pressed over ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night?’

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Wow! I forgot how much I used to despise Siskel and Ebert until I ran across this clip of them reviewing SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT back during it’s initial release in 1984.  As you may know, SNDN was met with nearly universal critical disdain and an enormous amount of controversy from parents across the country.  Apparantly the image of a killer drssed in a Santa Claus costume pissed off a lot of people.  During their review of SNDN, film critics Siskel and Ebert thought the movie was so disgusting and tasteless that they shamed the filmmakers.  The critics were never big fans of the horror genre so I never quite understood why they reviewed them in the first place.  I’m not a fan of anything starring Steven Segal so I would never post a review of one of his movies on here.  (And yes, I just compared myself, a silly blogger to 2 world-renounced film critics.  Who cares.)Ironically one vocal critic was actor, Mickey Rooney, who said “The scum who made that movie should be [ran] out of town!” He later starred in SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 5. Check out the clip below for a few chuckles.


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