Finally! A sequel to get excited about!

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Writer-Director Rusty Cundieff (TALES FROM THE HOOD; FEAR OF THE BLACK HAT) recently posted on his twitter that he’s finally following up his grossly underrated film, TALES FROM THE HOOD, with a sequel!  The original, released in 1995, was a horror anthology in the vein of TALES FROM THE CRYPT and CREEPSHOW but set in an urban environment and featured mostly African- American actors.  I remember seeing the movie twice in theaters and even had the VHS- okay I taped it off HBO but whatever.  I’m really dating myself here.  Of all the sequels, reboots, and remakes coming out I’m actually excited about this.  The original movie was a financial and critical success. With recent films like GET OUT and… TRANSFIGURATION (?) horror films with Black leading actors have now proven they have an audience that translates into financial and/or critical success.  I’ll follow Cundieff on his social media to keep you aware of the progress and casting.  Here’s hoping to another scene of a near naked, sweaty man being spun around on a gurney wearing nothing but a thong again (RIP Lamont Bentley).    His original post making the announcement was deleted but here’s his not so subtle confirmation:

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