Get Out Scores 4 Oscar Nominations!

Image result for Get Out

A huge congratulations are in order to the cast and crew of GET OUT.  The smash hit, which was also a critical darling, was nominated for Best Picture, Best Director (Jordan Peele), Best Actor (Daniel Kaluuya), and Best Original Screenplay (Also, Jordan Peele).  While I was bummed that Betty Gabriel didn’t get nominated for one of the best performance of the year, I’m still overly joyed that Jordan Peel and Daniel Kaluuya’s work has been recognized.  GET OUT has certainly been one of the most talked about films of 2017, but I was surprised that a horror film was nominated for an Oscar.  This hasn’t happened since 1991 when SILENCE OF THE LAMBS was nominated and won best picture.  The 89th Academy Awards (hosted by Jimmy Kimmel) will air on February 26th.  I won’t be watching because I don’t enjoy being bored I have other TV watching obligations that night but I wish the best to the cast and crew of GET OUT.

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