You Wanted It, Now You Have It!


Image result for rob zombie 3 from hellRemember when musician turned director Rob Zombie broke into the horror (movie) scene with his uber-controversial HOUSE OF CORPSES?  Remember when he followed that up with the road-trip sequel, THE DEVIL’S REJECTS?  Remember when he made one of the most divisive remake series with HALLOWEEN (2007) and HALLOWEEN II (2009)?  Okay great.  Well, it looks like Zombie is back doing what suits him best- directing a movie based on his own characters and settings.  He announced on his social media today, March 13th, that it’s the first day of shooting…. drum roll…. 3 FROM HELL, which services as a sequel to THE DEVIL’S REJECTS.  No word on plot or release details but I’m sure many fans are excited.  I, for one, am excited about the casting as Zombie’s films are usually littered with horror vets.  More information to come.


Image result for 3 from hell


  1. I’m really enjoying all of your articles! It’s so nice to find a blog about horror that is up-to-date!


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