Oh Shit! It’s The First Purge!

Image result for the first purge poster

Why didn’t y’all tell me Lady Marisa Tomei was in this? Anyway,  the first trailer for the upcoming PURGE sequel has been released.  This new installment details the events of…the first Purge.  Directed by Gerard McMurray (BURNING SANDS)  this new installment looks darker and more violent than the last three- and they were bleak.

While Frank Grillo sits this one out we do get to salivate Y’lan Noel (INSECURE) saving the day, which is a more than fair trade-off.

With our current political climate and the division between those who want gun control and gross assholes this movie may or may not spark debates within the horror community.



THE FIRST PURGE is scheduled for release this July 4th




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