That Bitch ‘Meg’ is here!

Image result for megalodon movie

No, this isn’t a cheap FAMILY GUY joke.  We’ve been hearing about it for a long time.  We’ve been anticipating it while on pins and needles but it’s finally here.  The trailer for the anticipated shark-porn MEG has finally arrived… and it looks wonderfully awful so naturally, I can’t wait to sneak a bottle of jeiger in the theater and start cackling.  The movie follows a very sweaty Jason Statham as his underwater crew discovers the existence of a megalodon shark. Killer sharks are all the rage these days thanks to the success of THE SHALLOWS and 47 METERS DOWN plus a sixth (!) and final SHARKNADO masterpiece is threatening to come later this summer.  Thank goodness a JAWS remake hasn’t been announced (yet).

MEG is slated for release August 10th in theaters everywhere and looks to be the perfect fun popcorn flick for 2018.

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