Tom Hardy wants to give us his ‘Venom.’ (I know… sounds gross…or hot)

Venom poster.jpg

I’m not at all familiar with the Spiderman universe.  The only thing I know is that Peter Parker should’ve been played by Donald Glover by now.  In SPIDERMAN 3 (lol- what shit) one of the 1,456,789 villains Spiderman had to challenge was Venom, played by a tragically miscast Topher Grace.  Well, it looks like the Spidey Gods have bestowed upon us a spinoff film based on the Venom character.  Played by Tom Hardy the new film is an origin story about the titular character. Set in modern-day San Francisco, that only allows one person of color in the entire city, a good guy gets infected with otherworldly powers and becomes a vigilante.  Gee- where have I heard that before?  I guess this movie is a big deal for fans of Spiderman so they’ll be happy to know that the film is slated for release on October 19th.  Are you looking forward to this?

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