‘Heathers’ is cancelled. How very.

Image result for heathers 2018

After its initial delays due to the Parkland massacre, Paramount Network has decided to permanently scrap their new series, HEATHERS.  Based on the 1988 dark comedy which centered on a group of students dealing with suicides and murders amongst the classmates, this new adaptation followed a similar storyline but somehow managed to make minorities and marginalized students the enemy.  I viewed the pilot and honestly, it was awful.  Not awful in the “The original is so untouchable and anything new would destroy the legacy”-awful.  No, I mean awful as in even Tommy Wiseau would call it a piece of shit.  So while I’m sure this decision is entirely based on the continued school shooting and not at all with the universally panned pilot, scrapping the new HEATHERS was definitely the smart thing.  I know it won’t be, but here’s hoping this is the last of the pointless reboots that totally missed the mark of what made the originals so special.

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