Trick ‘R Treat Special Edition announced!

What’s the most highly anticipated Halloween-related horror film coming out this year?  I’ll give you a minute.  Go on.  If you guessed the Special Collectors edition of TRICK ‘R TREAT then you get a prize!  Scream Factory has announced they will release the Special Collector’s edition of the famed anthology this fall.  While the details are still pending, the blu-ray can be pre-ordered directly from the Scream Factory website.

Directed by Michael Daugherty (KRAMPUS) this Halloween-themed anthology weaves together several tales all taking place in a small Ohio town all with one thing in common…the creepy diminutive Sam, the Halloween goblin.  Despite its impressive cast, which includes Dylan Baker and Anna Paquin, the film had a fairly shitty release and an even shittier box office draw.  It has since gained a sizeable reputation and has reached cult status.  A long-awaited sequel is supposedly also in the works.

The Special Collectors edition of TRICK ‘R TREAT is scheduled for release on October 9th.

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