Director Gerard McMurray talks The First Purge.

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I.CAN’T.WAIT. FOR.THE.NEW.PURGE! This new installment, which serves as a prequel, takes us to the inception of the Purge, how it became a national holiday and the fight from the local citizens against it.  The first Purge- wait, the first PURGE movie, was a standard home invasion thriller set against the backdrop of the Purge holiday.  The second PURGE took us out into the streets of the Purge and the first true glimpses of how the holiday is mostly inspired by classism and racism.  It also introduced us to Frank Grillo’s Sergeant character who continues in the next film.  The third PURGE show’s the political consequences of the holiday and again, the classist and racist consequences of the Purge are highlighted.  THE PURGE series is one of the rare franchises where the sequels vastly outshine the original… To an embarrassing degree.  Gerard McMurray has taken over directing duties from series creator James DeMonoco (who was busy developing the TV spinoff set to debut this fall, but more on that later) for THE FIRST PURGE.  Below is a recent interview where he talks about his inspiration for the story behind THE FIRST PURGE, as well as his love for horror films.

THE FIRST PURGE is scheduled for release this Wednesday, July 4th.


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