I Need You and Your Momma to Watch ‘Random Acts of Flyness’

Image result for random acts of flyness

HBO is my new go-to channel (well, after Bravo).  With the new season INSECURE dropping and other shows like VICELAND, LAST WEEK TONIGHT WITH JOHN OLIVER, and CRASHING, the channel earned its monthly subscription fee from me (don’t @ me about GAME OF THRONES.  I just can’t get into it).  They’ve recently released a new series that has me instantly hooked called RANDOM ACTS OF FLYNESS.  It’s a show that you, your momma, your daddy and your greasy-headed granny needs to start watching. Describing RAOF is difficult to describe.  It plays out like a psychedelic sketch-comedy/ talk show mixed with socio-political commentary on acid who’s intent is to give you nightmares.  The show deals with the nuances of being black in America, the complexities of human sexuality, the blurred line between defying polical correctness and complacentness and the stark realities of life and death.  The reactions to this show will vary but I imagine they’ll play more on the lines of WTF rather than trying to go viral.  SNL this is not (and that’s a good thing).  Created by Terence Nance, RANDOM ACTS OF FLYNESS, is a conundrum of images that are at once beautiful and other downright nightmarish.  DAMMIT! HBO has won me over again!  Now if we can get started on Issa Rae’s new series about a black, bisexual man in the dating world that’ll make my day even sweeter.

RANDOM ACTS OF FLYNESS airs on Saturday nights at Midnight on HBO and anytime on HBO GO.

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