I’m Ready For the New ‘SUSPIRIA’

Image result for suspiria 2018
The highly anticipated dance of ropes

It’s a damn shame that the first movie from director Luca Guadagnino my gay ass is going to see is not CALL ME BY YOUR NAME.  No, my introduction to his directing technique will be the upcoming, highly anticipated SUSPIRIA.  Like the original, the new film follows a young woman, played by Dakota Johnson,  who arrives at a prestigious, yet sinister,  dance academy which is revealed to be run by witches.  This new trailer focuses heavy on the Three Mothers that were a major source of evil in the original trilogy (SUSPIRIA, INFERNO and MOTHER OF TEARS).  The new film looks incredible.  The moody build up in the trailer will have me breaking my rule that’s against seeing two and half hour films in the theater.


SUSPIRIA will release nationwide on November 2nd.



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