Oh Bloody Hell! ‘Child’s Play’ Remake News.

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I’ve tried to generally ignore the acknowledgment of the upcoming CHILD’S PLAY remake.  It’s not that I’m such a purist where I don’t think the original should be remade, however, the original series is still ongoing.  The most recent sequel just came out last year with more films and a TV series down the pipeline.  So the idea of a remake, without Don Mancini involved, just seems…stupid.  However, today’s newest bit of information is interesting.  Aubrey Plaza (LEGION) and Brian Tyree Henry (ATLANTA) are both in talks star in the new movie.  How can two people I love be in something I feel like I’ll hate?  On the other hand, Plaza and Henry are both acclaimed actors (Henry is a two-time Emmy nominee) who could bring a level of prestige to the project.

According to The Collider, the Lars Klevberg-directed film will be a “contemporary reboot [that] is believed to follow a group of kids (a la It and Stranger Things), and a technologically-advanced doll that enters their world. The original 1988 movie followed a serial killer named Charles Lee Ray who casts a spell that traps his soul inside the body of a Good Guy doll named Chucky, which is then given to a young boy.”  Whew boy.

If and that’s a strong if, I see this movie it’s because of Aubrey Plaza and Brian Tyree Henry.  Production is scheduled to begin soon in Vancouver.

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Chucky’s reaction to the remake news



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