5 Reasons why LeBron James rebooting Friday The 13th is Great News

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When news of Lebron James possibly rebooting the FRIDAY THE 13th franchise broke  few snickers were whispered across the horror community that were perplexed about this announcement.  I’m personally excited about this news.  I have faith in LeBron James not only producing a new FRIDAY THE 13th, but delivering a solid entry in the long-running franchise.  Below are 5 reasons why a LeBron James-headed FRIDAY entry is actually great news.


  • He loves the FRIDAY THE 13th series so much he created a shoe in its honor.  In 2015, James unveiled the LeBron 13.  This white and red sneaker played homage to the genre with its blood-stained design.  While the sneaker got many nicknames including HALLOWEEN and FRIDAY THE 13th, James himself referred to them as FREDDY VS. JASON.
  • He’s already in the movie biz.  LeBron James not just a star athelete.  He is also producing and starring in another upcoming sequel, SPACE JAM 2.  He’s also the producer of the new HBO series THE SHOP, in addition to the hit STARZ series SURVIVORS REMORSE.
  • He’s more than capable of doing AMAZING work.  This past summer, in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, LeBron James proved to be a humanitarian and businessman by opening a school for at-risk youth.  The school, which you can read about here offers such incentives as free tuition, free uniforms, free bikes & helmets, free meals, food pantry for families, GEDs and job placement services for parents and much more.  This is an amazing undertaking and exemplifies the type of high-reaching goals James sets.  This proves James should not be underestimated.
  • LeBron James loves horror movies.  Just a quick scroll over to his Instagram and you can see his love of the genre, especially around the holidays.  He told ESPN

    “I’m a huge horror fan. I love horror movies. Obviously Friday the 13th being Jason Vorhees day, I think it’s cool. I remember as a kid on Friday the 13th right when I got home from school, my mother and I we would just watch horror movie after horror movie after horror movie. It’s crazy because now my kids love horror movies too. My two boys love them. When I come home they be wanting to watch horror movies. But no superstitions besides just having a great respect for some of the great slashers of all time, some of the greatest ones of all time. And Freddy (Krueger), Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees and Chucky and a couple more.”

  • We need a new adventure for Jason.  We haven’t seen the hockey-masked killer in almost a decade since the last reboot.  With the copyright trial of the century moving along, hopefully we can get a new FRIDAY THE 13th movie, with Jason on Earth, roaming the woods of Camp Crystal Lake sooner than later.

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