That Little Green Fucker is Back!

Everyone ‘s favorite little Irish stereotype is back! Leprechaun gets a full-on reprieve in an upcoming sequel. LEPRECHAUN RETURNS is set to premiere on SyFy this March. Mark Hilton, who played Ozzie in the original film, is set to return with Linden Porco (CULT OF CHUCKY) taking over the title role. The first official poster from the upcoming film has finally been revealed. While it’s pretty minimalist, it does seem to not take itself too seriously unlike the uninspired reboot, LEPRECHAUN: ORIGINS. We’ll see if this new movie matches the cinematic pleasure of LEPRECHAUN BACK 2 DA HOOD (I seriously enjoyed that movie).

UPDATE: Silly me. I thought the new LEPRECHAUN movie was coming out in March.  Instead it’ll be released on digital and on-demand on December 11th  this year. Just in time for Christmas…naturally.

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