Zac Efron is ‘Extremely Wicked’ in new trailer

Image result for extremely wicked shockingly evil and vile

The trailer for the latest Ted Bundy movie has arrived.  As previously reported, everyone’s imaginary boyfriend, Zac Efron, will take on the controversial role of serial killer Ted Bundy in the upcoming EXTREMELY WICKED, SHOCKINGLY EVIL AND VILE.  Directed by Joe Berlinger (PARADISE LOST films and BOOK OF SHADOWS: BLAIR WITCH 2- again-which is a lot better than its reputation deserves btw) The film tells the story of Bundy’s carnage and eventual capture (and prison escape and recapture) through the eyes of his then-girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer.  And you thought you had man problems.  EXTREMELY WICKED, SHOCKINGLY EVIL AND VILE will premiere later this month at Sundance.  In addition to Efron, the film also stars Lily Collins as Kloepfer, Jim Parsons and John Malchovich.  Take a look at the trailer below and let me know what you think.  I’m digging the hyper-stylized approach to the trailer and it doesn’t hold back on emphasizing the charming and attractive nature of Bundy.  However, I hope it doesn’t come across as exploitive in the long run.  We’ll find out soon enough as the film will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on January 26th.

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