Jordan Peele welcomes us to The Twilight Zone

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The new trailer for the upcoming (3rd!) revival of TWILIGHT ZONE has dropped and I’m soooo here for it!  Produced and narrated by Jordan Peele, TWILIGHT ZONE 2019 will air on CBS ALL ACCESS starting April 1st with 2 episodes.  New episodes will be released every Thursday thereafter to finish out the 10-episode first season.   Episode details are under wraps but according to the trailer the series, like its predecessors, will have noteworthy stars in each episode.  Expect to see Sanaa Lathan (in an episode titled REWIND), John Cho,Kumail Nanjiani, Greg Kinnear, Adam Scott (in an episode titled NIGHTMARE AT 30,000 FEET, which is a remake of this classic episode), DeWanda Wise, Steven Yeung, Allison Tolman, Luke Kirby, Jessica Williams, and Ike Barinholz among many others.  With TWILIGHT ZONE and THE GOOD FIGHT, I may have to add CBS All Acess to my (way too many) streaming services that I’m already paying for. FML.


  1. Ummm. So I’m just going to be honest here. The only thing I liked about this trailer was the pairing of the famous soundtrack with the uncanniness of Jordan Peele. I just might be able to warm up to him as narrator. I do hope the episodes are much more exciting than this trailer though…

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