Annabelle Finally Comes Home in this new trailer

Image result for annabelle comes home

“My Mama said you can’t go in there.”  Annabelle is back to scare the shit out of you in the latest installment of THE CONJURING Universe, ANNABELLE COMES HOME.  The trailer, which will officially be attached to next weeks release of PET SEMETARY confirms the return of Patrick Wilson (again in his ever tight pants) and Vera Farmiga returning as Ed and Lorraine Warren.  Annabelle’s wrath is unleashed in the home of the Warren’s thanks to an all too-curious babysitter.  Gary Dauberman returns to script-writing duties in addition to making his directorial debut in this third ANNABELLE installment.  The trailer doesn’t look too bad, in fact, it looks tons better than the last spinoff, THE NUN.

ANNABELLE COMES HOME on June 28th in theaters everywhere.  Let me know what you think of the trailer and are you excited for Annabelle’s return?

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