Father’s Day is my new favorite movie

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I’m making a new declaration:  FATHER’S DAY is my new favorite movie of all time.  What other film follows an eye-patch wearing bounty hunter, a fallen priest who wants to go to hell and a sex worker named Twink band together to find a father-killing rapist and murderer?  I don’t even know what else can be said about a movie where the killer eats someone’s dick right off their own body while forcing fellatio.  The movie even stars a chainsaw-wielding stripper who attacks the bloodied killer.  There’s also enough incest in this movie to make AMITYVILLE 2 blush and so much nudity you would’ve thought Joe Esterhouse wrote the script.

Like CRITTERS: A NEW BINGE this movie’s strength is it’s acceptance of its own trashy reality while it revels in pure fun.  It’s not going to win any awards nor does it aspires to.  This is the type of film that used to air on USA Up All Night, but with more penises, tits and hairy asses.  This is also a great gay horror film.  The homoerotic tension between our three heroes (Adam Brooks, Matthew Kennedy, and Conor Sweeny) is palpable and radiates off the screen.  Twink (Sweeny) is a gay sex worker while his father admits to his own youthful same-sex experimentation.  The priest experiences his own coming to terms with his sexuality throughout the film and the killer’s motivation to target and rape men is a unique change of pace.  The film’s humor is never at the expense of the film’s gay DNA.  Even Twink, who in a lesser film would be the punching bag, is never humiliated.  The film is a throwback to the C-grade level of horror films from the 80s you would pick up in your local video store and watch over and over again.  Bonus points- Lloyd Kaufman cameos as God.

The fact that the film knows what it is and knows what it’s not, makes it a, surprisingly, stronger film than it has any right to be.  Either that or my third martini is finally starting to kick in.  Hopefully, FATHER’S DAY will be embraced by queer genre fans who are tired of referencing NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2 and HELLBENT as the biggest gay horror films.

*** out of 4 tv show laughing GIF by RuPaul's Drag Race S5

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