I Do Like Those Bad Boys Vol 2

Horror villains: They make you run. They make you scream.  They make you want to run up the stairs instead of out of the front door because they’re completely insulting.  They can also be hot.  Let’s face it, some of the best horror villains are played by guys whos disarming good looks can arrest your fear and make you want to run towards them instead of the opposite direction.  In volume 2 of this series will highlight 5 of those guys at a time.  Let’s see if you agree.

Tony Todd


Even with a blood-soaked hook for a hand, CANDYMAN’S Tony Todd was simply gorgeous.  He had the swag of a 70’s pimp, the poetic license of a Red Shoe Diary entry, and the looks of a model who would’ve been photographed by Herb Ritts.

Matthew McKelligon


He may have played a sociopathic killer with little to no conscious, but he still had that innocent boy-next-door thing going for him which makes his murders easy to overlook.  Matt McKelligon’s performance in the hilariously dark, YOU’RE KILLING ME makes him one of the obvious choices on this list.

Damian Maffei


Unfortunately, you don’t actually see Damian Maffei’s face in THE STRANGERS: PREY AT NIGHT since it’s covered with a burlap-esq mask.  That’s a shame because he really is one of the hottest killers to ever stalk a family in a trailer park.  If there’s ever a third STRANGERS film, hopefully, we’ll get a glimpse of a mask-less Maffei at least for one scene.

Andrew Jacobs


Demon possession is not usually a quality you would swipe right on, but Andrew Jacob’s evil turn in PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE MARKED ONES made you overlook his demonic behavior.  THE MARKED ONES is easily one of the best installments in the franchise and Jacobs performance is one of the film’s main draws… that and he’s possibly the hottest of the guys in the franchise.

Ryan Reynolds


Something happened between VAN WILDER and DEADPOOL besides RIPD and THE GREEN LANTERN, where Ryan Reynolds went from attractive to HOT.  He traded baby fat for a six pack, a second chin for one chiseled one (okay, that’s a stretch) and toned down his goofiness.  THE AMITYVILLE HORROR marked the beginning of Reynolds transformation into Hollywood’s Sexiest Man Alive.

JP Monroe



The ONLY good thing about HELLRAISER 3: HELL ON EARTH are the moments douchey club owner, JP Monroe is onscreen (sorry Doug Bradley).  Portrayed by the very chiseled and sweaty Kevin Bernhardt, Monroe was just as big of an asshole as Pinhead but at least he had the body to back it up.  His obscured and brief sex scene with the blonde club-goer was the sexual awakening for most men (gay, straight and bi) of my generation.



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