Guess Who’s Going Back to the 80’s!

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Angelica Ross, who played Candy (RIP) on FX’s groundbreaking series, POSE, has found a new gig. Jumping from one Ryan Murphy production to another, Ross is the latest actress to join the upcoming AMERICAN HORROR STORY: 1984. No details on her role or how many episodes she’ll appear but this is exciting news. With Evan Peters sitting this season out and Sarah Paulson taking a backseat to the action this new season will seem to have a new stock of actors terrifying us (at least for the first 3 episodes). Ross joins series newcomer Gus Kenworthy and the returning Emma Roberts.

As reported before the upcoming season’s theme will be inspired by slasher movies from the 1980s. AMERICAN HORROR STORY: 1984 will return to FX this September. Are you excited for the new season?

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