‘Creepshow’ is back!


Shudder has really been killing the game lately. Between CRITTERS: A NEW BINGE (you know it was fun) and HORROR NOIRE they’re becoming leaders of the horror zeitgeist for modern audiences. They’ve previously announce plans to resurrect the CREEPSHOW brand as a TV series and now we have the first trailer… and I’m very impressed. I had no idea the series was this star-studded which seems to be a trend with ALL horror anthology series. According to SYFY.COM, Greg Nicotero, who escaped THE WALKING DEAD and is the showrunner of CREEPSHOW, told San Diego Comic Con 2019 panel,

Creepshow is very near and dear to me. It was the first movie set I ever visited,” added Nicotero recounting how [George] Romero’s daughter Tina visited the set and said that her father—who passed away in 2017—would have been so proud. “For me to be able to continue this legacy with these people…I’ll probably cry [tears of joy] later tonight.”

CREEPSHOW will debut on SHUDDER on September 26th.

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