Emily Hampshire has a problem at ‘Home’

From running the Schitt’s Creek Motel to facing unspeakable horror at ‘home,’ Emily Hampshire will have a busy year. The SCHITT’S CREEK actress has signed on as executive producer and star for the upcoming indie horror, HOME. Hampshire will co-star along with Francois Arnaud (MIDNIGHT TEXAS, UNREAL) and Christian Convery (DESCENDENTS 3) in what’s being described as a “psychological horror” movie about a family that faces unspeakable terror after a family tragedy.

According to Variety, The story is set after the death of a couple’s newborn son, which leads to the couple separating. Alone in her house, she is convinced that her son is still alive, unaware that the death of her baby has caused the birth of something terribly sinister.

Directed by Adam O’Brien, HOME is currently in production in Montreal and scheduled for release in 2020.

Home (2020)

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