Kids and Monsters mix in ‘Slapface’

Nothing is scarier than a child’s imaginary friend. Unless, that “friend” turns out to be a monster hiding out in the woods. Writer-Director Jeremiah Kipp will explore this in his upcoming SLAPFACE as it goes into production this fall. Starring August Maturo (THE NUN), Mike Manning (TEEN WOLF and THE REAL WORLD: DC) and William Sadler (WHEN THEY SEE US), SLAPFACE tells the story of a young boy “Lucas who lives with his older brother after the loss of their parents. Lucas befriends a Monster in the nearby woods, and trouble ensues. The town’s Sheriff tries to thwart the wrongdoings of Lucas and the Monster before it is too late” according to Deadline.

The manifestation of grief is one of the most widely used tropes in horror. Kipp’s most recent feature also dealt with a protagonists experiencing grief so I’m confident the writer-director knows how to handle this monster. (see what I did there?)

No planned release date has been announced but keep checking back here for more updates.

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