Blumhouse does ‘Black Christmas’

Black Christmas (2019)

Well that was fast! Ladies and Gents it’s time for, yet another, remake of a horror classic. The original BLACK CHRISTMAS is a pioneer in the genre (and one of my personal favorite horror films) and I’m a defender of the wild remake. However, Blumhouse’s take on the classic tale of a sorority being stalked by a killer on Christmas Eve seems to add a different spin on the story. One that includes secret societies, a cult, and kick-ass women. While the trailer seems to have given a little too much away (of course we won’t know how much until December) BLACK CHRISTMAS seems like a fun right that I’ll add to my holiday horror marathon for years to come.

Directed by Sophia Takal from a script she co wrote with April Wolfe, BLACK CHRISTMAS is slated for theaters on Friday, December 13th.

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