I Do Like Those Bad Boys vol.4


Image result for idris elba no good deed


Do I even have to explain this one? Idris Elba is routinely considered one of the world’s hottest men. He’s so hot that even in NO GOOD DEED, a movie that’s…subpar to say the least, it’s hard to take your eyes off him. Even when he’s being bad, Idris is still muy caliente.

Timothy Olyphant

Image result for timothy olyphant scream 2


Following up cinema’s gayest murdering duo was no easy feat, so at least SCREAM 2 gave us eye candy with Timothy Olyphant. While he showed his leading man status in later projects such as THE CRAZIES, DEADWOOD and JUSTIFIED, Olyphant is definitely the sexiest and the most maniacal of the SCREAM killers (sorry Mr. Culkin).

Kevin Janssens

Image result for kevin janssens REVENGE


All the good guys are either married…or psychopaths. In the case of Richard, he’s both. Kevin Janssens gives such a manic and terrifying performance in REVENGE that it’s hard to take your eyes off him. Even completely naked and covered in blood while wielding a knife chasing his girlfriend, Janssens is completely mesmerizing.

Javier Bardem

Image result for javier bardem mother movie


While Javier Bardem played the villian of the century in NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, I just couldn’t take his Bobby Brady-bowl haircut. He was far sexier in in Darren Aronofsky’s poloarizing MOTHER! Bardem’s role as Him was a megalomaniac, sinister, attention seeking “entity” that you can’t take your eyes off. No wonder Jennifer Lawrence put up with his fuckery.

Christophe Paou

Image result for Christophe Paou


Did you see STRANGER BY THE LAKE after my earlier recommendation? Christophe Paou’s performance as Michel was both, sexy and terrifying. I think murder and then going for a quickie with a stranger in the words not only makes you the ultimate fuck boy, but also the ultimate bad boy. Paou was sexy and dangerous in this explicit thriller.

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