Help ‘Mandao’ Return!

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Are you sick of reboots and remakes? Are you ready to support indie horror? If you answered “yes” then you’re in luck. A sequel to fan-favorite MANDAO OF THE DEAD is underway and you can help bring the sequel to life.

A Kickstarter campaign has been setup to bring the highly anticipated sequel, MANDAO RETURNS, to life. You can help bring Jay Mandao and his cousin Andy back to defeat more body-stealing ghosts. I didn’t do that justice. The official synopsis is below:

Mandao Returns, which sees the return of writer-director Scott Dunn, is the next chapter in a trilogy of films. This time, Mandao Returns takes place around Christmas. After abstaining from astral projecting, Jay Mandao’s life starts to unravel.  Jay’s cousin Andy hatches a plan to steal money from the past after encountering some serious financial issues. To make matters worse, they encounter an evil ghost intent on possessing their bodies to live again. Jay, Jackson, Cousin Andy, and their cab driver Fer must team up to stop the entity. Will they succeed?   


The Kickstarter for MANDAO RETURNS ends on November 9th and has a goal of $20,000. MANDAO OF THE DEAD is a critically acclaimed horror-comedy that is cementing is status as the cult film of the millenium. Click here for more information and to pledge to MANDAO RETURNS.

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