I Do Like Those Bad Boys Vol. 5

Horror villains: They make you run. They make you scream. They make you want to run up the stairs instead of out of the front door because they’re completely insulting. They can also be hot. Let’s face it, some of the best horror villains are played by guys whos disarming good looks can arrest your fear and make you want to run towards them instead of the opposite direction. In volume 5 of this series will highlight 5 of those guys at a time. Let’s see if you agree.

-Michael Ealy (The Perfect Guy)

Image result for michael ealy the perfect guy

If a pretty boy with sparkling blue eyes turns you on, then Michael Ealy is the perfect guy for you. Sure, he may stalk you and kill your boyfriend, but…it’s Michael Ealy. THE PERFECT GUY is perfectly predictable, but thanks to a dedicated performance and his sheer hotness, Michael Ealy is one of the hottest bad boys.

-Colin Farrell (Fright Night)

Image result for colin farrell fright night

Colin Farrell’s initial rise as a Hollywood hunk went over my head. I didn’t find him attractive at all. However, post-rehab Farrell had smoldering good looks which was evident in the FRIGHT NIGHT remake. His blood-thirsty version of Jerry Dandridge was intense and had the sexy charm that was reminiscent of Chris Sarandon’s iconic performance.

-Cillian Murphy (Red Eye)

Image result for cillian murphy red eye

Flying coach is usually a bitch, especially when the person sitting next to you is hell bent on murdering you and your father. Cillian Murphy personified a skillfully murderous and charismatic leach, but thanks to his suave debonair charm and sparkling eyes you’d want to induct him in the mile high club.

-Billy Zane (Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight)

Image result for billy zane demon knight

I honestly don’t remember much from DEMON KNIGHT as it’s been years since I’ve seen it. The two takeaways were: 1) Jada Pinkett, pre-Smith, and her blonde mop being the final girl. 2) Billy Zane being peak hotness. Zane is usually cast in villan roles, but his sexy swagness as The Collector is still a highlight from this film after 24 (!) years. Those eyes and that bald head, tho.

-Sean Chapman (Hellraiser)

Image result for sean chapman hellraiser

He banged his brothers wife, submitted himself to Hell, forced his brother’s wife to kill for him for body parts…plus he’s into BDSM. Sean Chapman may not have had the voice (it was clearly dubbed) but he certainly had the body and the sexual magnetism that elevated HELLRAISER above it’s peers. This is a movie that drenches in sex sweat, and Chapman is the reason for it… that and Claire Higgins’ eye makeup.

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