Go behind the scenes of the new ‘Black Christmas’

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I need you guys to not ‘GHOSTBUSTERS 2016’ the new ‘BLACK CHRISTMAS 2019.’

I haven’t seen the film and had an adverse initial reaction to the trailer and pg-13 rating, but after time passed on I’ve become pretty stoked for the new remake of BLACK CHRISTMAS. Reading the comments sections of various horror sites and even skimming across a few of the (mostly fake) reviews of IMDb shows how pissed some of the horror dudes are with the #metoo inspired retelling. While early critical reviews range from surprisingly mixed to positive, some so-called fans of the genre are pissed because the film acknowledges a cold hard truth…that some men are pure trash (much like the 1974 original). Because of this overwhelming reaction, I really hope BLACK CHRISTMAS 2019 becomes a financial hit and paves the way for more female voices in mainstream horror and we’re not stuck with…JUMANJI 4 (or 5-is ZATHURA considered an actual sequel to the original film?)

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