Classic Trailer Park: Christmas Evil

Image result for christmas evil poster

For our Classic Trailer Park series, we’re going to highlight effective genre movie trailers.  While these clips are highlighted, this doesn’t necessarily speak to the quality of the film itself, only the effectiveness of the preview.  Some films have excellent trailers but the film is terrible like The Nightmare on Elm Street remake, while for others, the opposite can be true like the original Friday the 13th

At this point most of us are familiar with the backlash the Christmas classic, SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT received upon its release in 1984. The center of the controversy was the image of parents, “fine” Christians… and Siskel and Ebert appalled at the image of a killer dressed in a Santa Claus suit on the big screen. The backlash was so severe that it resulted in the film being pulled from theaters after over just week in release. So it seems odd that these folks all had a case of mass amnesia because just 4 years earlier an indie horror film called, CHRISTMAS EVIL, was released. This movie, also, featured a killer dressed in a Santa suit- and he’s not nearly as cute as SNDN’s Billy… or SNDN2’s Ricky (don’t @ me).

CHRISTMAS EVIL, AKA YOU BETTER WATCH OUT, looks like one of the HALLOWEEN ripoffs that capitalized on a holiday. Even the trailer gives a nod to HALLOWEEN’s tagline. However the film has more in common with BLACK CHRISTMAS (1974) as it is more of an experiment in psychological horror than slashing horny teens. CHRISTMAS EVIL tells the story of a man who loves Christmas. He was scarred as a boy when he learned that Santa wasn’t real. Throughout the rest of his life, the toy-maker tries to make the Christmas spirit a reality. He becomes obsessed with the behavior of children and the quality of the toys he makes. When he is met with hypocrisy and cynicism, the resulting snap causes him to go on a yuletide killing spree. It’s a treat.

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