The Worst “part 3’s” in horror…so far.

There’s that old common saying “third times the charm.” On the flipside, there’s also the dreaded “death comes in 3s.” In the case of these franchises, death may not have come but a sign of creative fatigue or corporate greed is to blame. Below are the top 5 film third franchise films that…were a low point in the series.


Image result for candyman 3 day of the dead"

God bless Nia DaCosta, Jordan Peele and Win Rosenfeld for rebooting the hook-handed killer. After the abysmal CANDYMAN 3, the franchise laid dormant for over 20 years. This third installment is offensive of all fronts. It’s sexist, racist and poorly directed. The over sexualization of nearly every female character was bad enough, but how many times did we need to see Donna D’Errico in nearly next to nothing? The CANDYMAN series was never about exploitive sex and someone should’ve made the production team involved aware of this. Also, sanitizing and fetishing the Mexican holiday of day of the dead is also in bad taste. It’s just as bad as our lead, a white woman, exploiting the art and trauma of a black man who died due to racism…even if he is her great, great, great, great, great grandfather. CANDYMAN 3 is pure trash.


Image result for amityville 3-d"

Amityville 3(D. UGH!) is the first in the series not based on any true incidents. Instead, the film focuses on bland characters thrown in forced, uninspired situations that never amount to not even the cheapest of the jump scares. In an endless franchise that has its share of duds, AMITYVILLE 3, ranks as the one of the worst of offenders. This shit was boring. That’s all I got. Oh and it has a pre-WHEN HARRY MET SALLY Meg Ryan and a pre-college scheme bullshit- Aunt Becky.

SCREAM 3 (2000)

Image result for scream 3"

I got 3 words for you… “Courtney Cox’s bangs.” I have 6 more words for you…”Kevin Williamson didn’t write this one.” It’s hard to follow up with the double masterpiece known as “SCREAM” and “SCREAM 2,” which is why this installment is generally dismissed from most SCREAM discussions. SCREAM 3 isn’t a bad film per se, but it’s definitely the low point in the series as it transitions from horror-comedy to comedy-horror. Series protagonist, Sidney Prescott, is only in a third of the film and the antics of the Scooby gang and Ghostface himself start to have a “been here, done that” feel to them. Thank God for Parker Posey who saved this film from being complete rubbish.


Image result for i'll always know what you did last summer"

Chile…I own this movie. I’ve seen it several times. I couldn’t tell you a thing that happens in it. I know there’s a new crop of “teens” played by actors pushing 30 and the action is set in Colorado this time. But gun to head- I have no clue what happens. It doesn’t help that this movie looks cheap and the acting and early 2000’s wardrobe makes me hate life. It comes across as a TV movie reboot of the first film but without the budget, self awareness, suspense and fun the first film brought us. I think? I still can’t remember what happened. All I know is there was no Sarah Michelle Gellar running in her green dress with a cute haircut scene.


See the source image
ugh…this bitch, again

I really, really, really want to like this movie. It gives us “rock star” Leatherface, Ken Foree, and young, sweaty Viggo Mortensen. LEATHERFACE: TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 3 (known as TCM3 from here on out) also marks the point in the franchise where New Line Cinema took over and wanted to turn Leatherface into their second horror iconic figure as Freddy Krueger’s reign was coming to an end. Adopting most of the story tropes from the first film this new installment is ultimately about a road trip gone horribly wrong, but what it gave us was a movie that is horribly boring. TCM 3’s notoriety comes from the fact that it used the classic marketing words to draw everyone’s attention including “banned,” “most controversial film ever made,” “unrated” back when those words were intriguing and mysterious. With all the pre-release hoopla you would think the movie would be worth your time and sadly it’s not. It does, however, have a pretty cool teaser trailer…that gave the wrong release date.

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