News Update

Wow. My last post was from February 27th. I officially suck.

Sorry for my lack of posting on INEEDYOUJESSE.COM, Instagram and Twitter. Since my partner insists on being awesome at his job has accepted a new position in California we have, once again, uprooted our lives and good standing in New Jersey and drove cross-country. We’ve traded the Garden State for the Golden State… pork roll sandwiches for avocado plant-based burgers…Shake Shack for In-and-Out Burgers…Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga for Kyle and Kim Richards. Between packing up our house in Jersey, driving from one end of the country to the other for four days and house searching here in Cali and (barely) maintaining my day job, any spare time I have is currently ear-marked for sleep… and In-And-Out burgers.

However, while we’re still in transition things are looking better. So expect more updates, thirst trap photos on the ole ‘gram and drunk snarky comments on Twitter soon.

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