Tiger King: The Movie

The new Netflix docuseries, TIGER KING: MURDER, MAYHEM AND MADNESS has gone viral in the last week. The series which explores the overlooked yet dangerous world of big cat zoos is the craziest thing I’ve seen on the streaming service since ABDUCTED IN PLAIN SIGHT. The eccentric subjects in the doc has every talking about who would play them in a big-screen version of the story. Well, folks- the online chatter can stop now. Here are my casting choices for the inevitable feature film version of Tiger King. Hollywood…you’re welcome. You can pay me back with a catfish dinner, the payment of my student loans and the long-rumored, KILLER KLOWNS sequel.

William H. Macy as Joe Exotic. He plays an eccentric, loud-mouth, megalomaniacal, often-unlikable addict on the small screen anyway. So……

Amanda Seyfried as Carol Baskin. The rare time Hollywood will have to age a younger woman to look older. But still…

Tobin Bell as Jeff Lowe. Bell proved he can be the best of the best of con men. He got me to see SAW 5.

James Spader as Don Antle. Thanks to his turn as Robert California on THE OFFICE, Spader is a lock for that “creepy guy who probably has a harem at home” vibe.

I can’t imagine there being any dispute with these choices, but if you feel you can do better let me know in the comments.

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