Check back into the ‘Overlook’ Hotel

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Get ready for more milking of anything Stephen King. It was announced today the J.J. Abrams and Katie McGrath-fronted Bad Robot Pictures has signed a deal to produce the new series, OVERLOOK. Based on the Stephen King novel THE SHINING, OVERLOOK will reintroduce audiences to characters who appeared in the novel and its film version. No cast nor shoot date has been announced but the series will premiere on the upcoming HBO Max streaming app. The series will also reportedly bring producers Dustin Thomason and Scott Brown into the Stephen King television universe as both are executive producers of Hulu’s CASTLE ROCK with Thomason listed as it’s co-creator. Because I’m a huge fan of the SHINING and DOCTOR SLEEP films, I’m sure this series will keep my interest more than CASTLE ROCK did. I wonder if the show will also acknowledge DOCTOR SLEEP or any of it’s characters. Given the pedigree of the creative forces involved, OVERLOOK may be the next EXORCIST: THE SERIES or HANNIBAL. Fingers crossed. Stay tuned for more details.

Doctor Sleep: Ewan McGregor on the Return of Dan Torrance | Den of ...
Ewan McGregor as a grown up Danny Torrance exploring the abandoned Overlook Hotel in Doctor Sleep

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