Into The Dark has the perfect Mother’s Day gift

Into the Dark: Delivered trailer: Hulu births twisted pregnancy tale
Tina Majorino and Natalie Paul discussing motherhood

Cancel that order from Shari’s Berries and hold off on sending another Applebee’s gift card to your mother this Mother’s Day because Hulu has you covered. The latest episode of their monthly and frustratingly uneven anthology series, INTO THE DARK, is back. The latest feature, titled DELIVERED, frankly looks like it delivers (Laugh. I worked hard on that pun.) Staring Natalie Paul (THE SINNER) and Tina Majorino (Napoleon Dynamite) giving us Annie Wilkes-realness, DELIVERED, centers on an expectant mother who faces unbelievable terror when she realizes someone close to her has sinister plans for her unborn baby.

Directed by Emma Tammi (THE WIND-which looks really good) DELIVERED will premiere on HULU on May 8th, just a mere 2 days before Mother’s Day. Since my mother is in Michigan and I’m in California I think I’ll send her my Hulu passcode to watch this instead my usual Edible Arrangements.

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