First image of Tales From The Hood 3

Today we got our first image for the upcoming TALES FROM THE HOOD 3. Series writer-director Rusty Cundieff posted the image on his Twitter account today announcing the new sequel. There aren’t many clues in the image that lets us know of any plot details other than the addition of horror icon Tony Todd in a major role. I wonder if he’s taking over the role of Mr. Simms, the series staple played by Clarence Williams III and Keith David, respectively. 1995’s TALES FROM THE HOOD is a modern horror classic which blended real life, social horror affecting the Black American community with the same level of gore and violence reminiscent of the CREEPSHOW and TALES FROM THE CRYPT movies. It boasts strong performances from the entire cast which includes David Allen Grier, Paula Jai Paulson, Corbin Bernsen and Clarence Williams III in a truly unhinged (in the best way possible) performance.

The 2018 sequel, TALES FROM THE HOOD 2, is on Netflix.

I’m really looking forward to the new movie…even after watching the second film. Based on the image above, it looks like this third installment will be completely different story not connected to the first two films…especially the second one. Here’s hoping TALES FROM THE 3 is as provocative and groundbreaking as the original was.

There’s no word yet on further casting details nor the release date but stayed tuned right here for more information.

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