Oh No! Why Did The Cute One Die? Vol. 2

An age old common criticism of horror movies, especially slashers, were that they were seen as a platform that exploited young women in peril. More offensively, their strength or lack thereof, was rarely a deterent from seeing them drop trou only to be pursued by masked killer in the next scene. Historically, it seems that horror movies were made deliberately for the gaze and pleasure of young, heterosexual men. Until accessibility to the internet became so easy and common, slasher films in particular, served as a pornographic gateway drug to onscreen nudity and sex. Since these films were often made with the adolescent straight men in mind, women’s bodies were usually front and center. However for gay men it wasn’t the gratuitous female nudity that helped entice us to watch these films- it was the male eye candy we knew was coming. It wasn’t always the bad-boy villain or the final boy standing that was usually the hottest. It was, unfortunately, the guy in the wheelchair who died as he’s takes a machete to the face or the guy killed as after he escapes an Eastern European hostel. These are the times when I yell, “but why did the cute one have to die?” For this series, I’m highlighting the hottest guys in horror who met an early demise and let the final girl have all the fun.

Adam Faison (Dante in MIDNIGHT KISS; 2019)

Adam Faison Wants Queer Kids to Know 'Everything's Gonna Be Okay'

For MIDNIGHT KISS to be a slasher film, it has a very, very low kill count. Unfortunately one of the victims, played by Adam Faison, is also one of the hottest guys in the movie. While more thought was put into casting attractive actors rather than the script, Adam effortly stands out on his own and I hope to see more of him in the future.

-Lyriq bent (Lt. Daniel Rigg in SAW 4; 2007)

Lyriq Bent in 'Pay the Ghost': 'Saw' Actor Joins Nicolas Cage - Variety

SAW 4 marks the point in the series when it becomes more of a chore to watch as the mythology becomes so scrambled you just watch it out of pure loyalty. However SAW 4 also saw the role of Lt. Rigg expand from supporting role in the previous films to a starring role. Lyriq Bent gives one of the more sympathetic performances in the series and instantly becomes the hottest actor in the franchise.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 30d96a36-fceb-494c-b0cb-321d277c77ee.jpg

Edison Chen (Eason in THE GRUDGE 2; 2006)

Edison Chen - Ethnicity of Celebs | What Nationality Ancestry Race

The American GRUDGE franchise notoriously crashed and burned with 4 (to date) films. The first sequel is certainly better than the last two installments but nowhere near as effective as the first film. However, one of the few things it had going for it was Edison Chen who, more or less, played the Scooby to Amber Tamblyn’s Shaggy. Still, he was a bright spot is an otherwise dull movie.

– Sean Patrick Thomas (Rudy in HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION; 2002)

HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION had a lot of things working against it. Factors, in no particular order, included: a kung-fu Busta Rhymes, the script, the obvious sound stage, the disrespect of Laurie, a bland final girl, the awful ADR, killing Tyra Banks offscreen, etc. However one positive factor was the inclusion of the beefy Sean Patrick Thomas’ Rudy. Rudy was a culinary student, smoked weed, had no girlfriend and hung around, platonically, with women. Was he gay? Anyway, he died.

-Zach Gilford (Shane in THE PURGE: ANARCHY; 2014)

Zach Gilford Interview | Gilford, Biography, Comedians

While THE PURGE: ANARCHY is noted for solidifying the hotness known as Frank Grillo, let’s not sleep on the other hottie, Zach Gilford. Zach’s tenure in THE PURGE franchise was very short lived, but at least he was in the best installment in the series.

-Columbus Short (Danny Wilinsky in QUARANTINE; 2008)

columbus short - latest news, breaking stories and comment - The Independent

QUARANTINE is not the best representation of Spanish film, REC, but it does have an impressive cast including previous “cute guy” Jay Hernandez and Johnathon Schaech. However, the honor for this film’s “cute guy” goes to Columbus Short. He looks damn good in a uniform and Jay Hernandez can’t always make the “cute guy” list.

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  1. […] The 2004 American remake of THE GRUDGE is one of the bright entries of early-2000s horror. Starring, the always fabulous, Sarah Michelle Gellar, this GRUDGE places her and her American boyfriend, played by Jason Behr, in Japan as the curse takes over their lives. While Behr isn’t given much to do other than playing the doomed, doting boyfriend, he’s definitely the hottest guy in the series until the sequel. […]


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