Hulu will have a ‘Bad Hair’ day soon

Bad Hair' Trailer: Killer Follicles in Horror Film from 'Dear White People'  Creator | Screen Realm

Finally, finally, finally, the trailer for BAD HAIR has arrived! DEAR WHITE PEOPLE’S Justin Simien new horror-satire will make its debut on Hulu just in time for Halloween. The movie’s official synopsis is below:

During the rise of New Jack Swing in 1989, an ambitious young woman from Compton, L.A. aspires to become a VJ but is told she doesn’t have the right hair, the right face, or the right skin color to succeed in the image obsessed world of music television. She strikes a Faustian bargain with the new head of a music network who tells her to get a weave, but this new hairstyle turns out to be anything but easy to maintain.

I’ve been waiting for this movie ever since it was announced. After screening at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year Hulu will stream the film beginning on October 23rd. BAD HAIR has an impressive all star cast including Elle Lorraine, Lena Waithe, James Van Der Beek, Usher and Vanessa Williams and Laverne Cox, just to name a few.

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BAD HAIR’s Usher Raymond

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